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Virgin and Child with Music Making Angels

American Museum Collection

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Virgin and Child with Music-Making Angels
Anthony van Dyck, Flemmish, 1630

Anthony van Dyck was the most important Flemish painter of the 17th century after his teacher, Peter Paul Rubens, the most famous Flemish Baroque painter. Van Dyck was also influenced Italian artists and Virgin and Child with Music-Making Angels was painted after van Dyck worked in Italy for seven years.

Van Dyck painted a total of 99 paintings, 72 of which were portraits, and he is now best remembered for his depictions of Charles I and his court, which set a new standard for English portraiture and influenced later artists for centuries.

The original oil painting is 64 3/8 x 53 ½ inches and, other than the difference in size, the Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition, at 16"w x 19"h, is a spectacular reproduction of this masterpiece.

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