About Us

Who We Are

The Greenwich Workshop is North America’s leading fine art publisher, specializing in the burgeoning medium of visual entertainment. Founded in 1972 by David Usher, the company’s principal products are Fine Art Edition prints and giclée canvases―which are collectible, fine-quality reproductions of original paintings by the most sought-after, most collected group of artists painting today. The company distributes its artwork through authorized dealers, primarily art galleries and framers, across the United States and Canada. Possessing the best, assurance of quality, fidelity and rarity are the tangible benefits of owning Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions.


As publishers, artists and authorized dealers, The Greenwich Workshop Family believes that collecting fine art offers the reward of discovery. Our Fine Art Editions and books invite you to explore―through the eyes of today’s leading artists―significant moments in history, the realm of myth and imagination and the wonders of the natural world. The Greenwich Workshop was among a handful of firms that pioneered the concept of the signed and numbered limited edition print and Fine Art Limited Editions have remained its core business. Art in our lives has an indefinable, pleasurable effect. To bring the pleasure of art to new groups of collectors, we strive to expand the delivery of high-quality art to every age group and income bracket. The implementation of this philosophy requires innovation, so the company has stayed at the forefront of the industry by selecting the best artists and publishing their work with state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest possible quality. The Greenwich Workshop, Inc. is headquartered in Seymour, Connecticut, and is now owned by Michael P Meskill and managed by his daughters, Erin and Shannon Meskill.

Currently all our Editions are created through high-quality inkjet "giclée" printing with 2989 color values, a process which guarantees remarkable fidelity to the original art. When the desired quality has been achieved and approved by the artist, the edition is printed. Only stable, acid-free paper or canvas is used for a print to prevent discoloration. The artist inspects each print and signs those that meet his or her approval. The signed and numbered paper prints are then packed carefully and canvas Fine Art Editions are either stretched and packed or slip-sheeted and rolled prior to packing. A certificate of authenticity assuring the collector of quality and support accompanies each edition. The print is then ready for distribution to the more than 100 authorized Greenwich Workshop dealers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Commitment to Innovation

Taking each new work of art as an individual challenge, The Greenwich Workshop has developed trade names for various product segments. These include:
The Greenwich Workshop SmallWorks™―limited edition giclée canvases and prints of smaller, more intimate physical size.
The Greenwich Workshop MasterWork™―a large format Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition where either the width or height exceeds 40 inches.
The Greenwich Workshop MuseumEdition™―an extra-large format Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition where either the width or height exceeds 60 inches.
Original Stone Lithograph―This age old technique in which an image is drawn on a stone by the artist (in reverse!) and then pressed by hand, one color at a time, onto paper or canvas. Each lithograph is considered an original because the image created during the process, thus no two are exactly alike.
Giclée ― a digital printing technology in which incredibly fine jets of ink literally “spray” the image onto paper or canvas. This process builds the fine art reproduction in infinitesimal increments as the paper or canvas passes beneath.