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Will Bullas

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Height7.75 inxWidth 12.25 in

Limited Edition of: 850



"When I painted 'Fridays after Five,' I first did the streamers and I painted latex over them to preserve their original color. Then I painted the background over them. Only when I was done with the rest of the painting did I peel off the dried latex to reveal the streamers. That technique leaves only the pure color combined with the paper, so the streamers glow. They almost come off as neon.

"I hope this print inspires a lot of office parties; I hadn't come from a party when I painted it, though. I had just seen the movie 'Nine to Five' and the scene where Jane Fonda got stuck in the copy room and the copier went crazy. I've often thought that the greatest office combination is a copy and a fax machine. You can copy some wonderful things and fax them to different parts of the planet."

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