Wild Cats

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Tom Palmore

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Height28 inxWidth 44 in

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One of Tom’s pet observations is that while we operate on the assumption that every human in our species is an individual, we often don’t think of the animal world in the same way. Sheeba is an actual tiger currently residing in northwest Arkansas. Seeing her move about her environment, she evoked the elegance of one of Hollywood’s glamorous leading ladies. Felines are naturally sexy, and the great cats are no exception. The lavish interior of lush satin fabric was the only place such a starlet should pose.

Sheeba is a large animal with a great presence, so the painting has been created in a large format. This sumptuous animal in such a sumptuous setting creates a fun and impactful juxtaposition of our world and hers. Besides, she looks pretty content, and we didn’t feel it was our place to shoo her off the couch.

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