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The Handwarmer

Tom Lovell

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The relationship between the Indians and the white man has been a sad account of misunderstanding and violence. But in the early days, the Indians were friendly toward the white man. It was later, when the Indians found out that they were being robbed and that their buffalo were being slaughtered, that things changed. Prior to that, however, friendship did exist. "The Handwarmer" is a demonstration of that bond.

It is possible that, on a previous day, a Sioux hunter had observed the tell-tale plume of smoke and ridden across the high, open plains to investigate. Now he rides by with a companion to show him the homesteader's sod house and share with him the pleasure of this ready-made handwarmer. Obviously they find the concept pleasing. Perhaps this was followed later by an exchange of fresh meat for bread and coffee and eventual friendship.

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