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North Country Rider

Tom Lovell

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Height15.5 inxWidth 15.5 in



What can be said about Santa Claus that is new and different? From an artist's standpoint, what new way can he be pictured? There is no subject that has been more thoroughly explored or exploited.

Since childhood, we have known that he is a mythical being who comes down from the North Pole on Christmas Eve loaded with presents for all the good little children of the world. Legend has it that his mode of transportation is a sleigh drawn by reindeer.

But times change and it seemed reasonable, and more fun, that he could be riding a motorcycle - perhaps the reindeer are indisposed this night. So here he comes from the Northland, a beagle up forward on the gas tank, a husky dog loping alongside and a huge sack of toys lashed on behind. In years to come, who knows what his vehicle will be . . . but boys and girls everywhere can be sure that he will come riding in on Christmas Eve.

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