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The Hunter

Tom Lovell

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Through the blazing heat of summer and the wind-driven blizzards of winter, the Plains Indians followed the wandering buffalo herds. Tribal destiny was so dependent upon the buffalo that it is often difficult to imagine Plains Indian warriors engaged in any activity besides hunting buffalo. But the daily life of the Indian was an infinitely varied complex of work, ceremony, play and rest. "The Hunter" portrays a moment of peace in a hunter's life.

This is a Sioux Indian - you can tell by the fish-tail notches in his arrows. Those notches made it easier to get the arrow to the bowstring quickly. It is at the end of the day and "The Hunter" has made a small twig fire. Perhaps he is waiting for a companion. Tomorrow this hunter will take up the buffalo's trail again, but for now, he shares some of his pemmican with these sparrows.

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