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Carson's Boatyard

Tom Lovell

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Height15 inxWidth 24 in



Kit Carson was one of the greatest scouts of the Old West and proper subject matter for a painting. In this image, there is a mild confrontation. Three Sioux Indians have ridden up to trade a wolf pelt for powder and ball or whatever else they can get. Compositionally, the dog is functional in that he is the only moving element in an otherwise static situation, as he moves slowly to the left, causing the two Indian ponies to eye him askance. The third pony sniffs the fresh cottonwood of the canoe with interest as it reminds him of his regular winter browse (cottonwood twigs and bark). Carson and his companion stand ready but unafraid. The Indians will ride away empty-handed. Soon the dugout will be finished and the long trip down the Missouri River will begin.

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