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The Sacred Circle Chapbook with Walk Softly

Bev Doolittle

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Height6.25 inxWidth 6.25 in

Limited Edition of: 26586

Limited Edition Chapbook


"I wanted to complete the 'Sacred Circle' with this image, because the wolf is the only animal which remains unseen in the 'Sacred Circle' print and the wolf track is symbolic of all that is hidden in nature. My thought was to render this wolf track with great detail, as if it had just been made in the fresh snow. This is a very thin layer of snow and the wolf track exposes the dark gravel, hints of vegetation, pine needles and all that helps to define the hidden wolf spirit image of the wolf that made the track. Wolf and grizzly tracks have always been magic to me. They seem to retain a spirit-like essence of the animal that made them. My idea is to bring that special feeling to life."

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