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The Pursued

Judy Larson

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Height16.75 inxWidth 23.5 in

Limited Edition of: 1000



Full of mystery and power, the Indians of North America understood that the wolf was sacred. They called him Big Brother and knew in their souls that he was an integral part of the land. Even modern science tells us that the wolf, when present in an ecosystem, brings balance to the land and its dwellers. Yet the wolf, by its very nature, incites passions for and against it. Today the gray wolf occupies only 2% of the land he once ranged. Regardless, its status was changed from endangered to threatened everywhere but in the Southeast. Bounties still exist on wolves in some states and interest groups would like to see them in theirs as well. Judy has us encounter a pack of three wolves that has silently woven its way through a snow-covered forest. As they move towards us, a fourth brother joins them, a spectral ancestor and spirit of the wildness that this noble creature so embodies.

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