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The Chieftains

Dean Morrissey

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Following in the regal footsteps of the recent runaway successes "The Celtic King" and "Anna of the Celts," we are pleased to present the next Celtic-themed fine art edition from artist Dean Morrissey. In a departure from portraiture, this action-packed scene features a pair of chieftains riding together to fend off their Viking enemies. It is set in the Dark Ages (circa 875 AD) when 250 Celtic kingdoms, each ruled by their own chieftain, extended from Ireland into Scotland and southern England. After years of being raided by the Vikings, the chieftains realized they were easy prey on their own but by joining forces in fighting their foe they would have a better chance. The chieftains were so successful in their combined efforts that the advance of the Viking hordes was halted and their expulsion from the Celtic kingdoms began.

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