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Sperm Whale

Flick Ford

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Limited Edition of: 30 / 20 / 10

Limited Edition Canvas


Denizen of all the Earth’s great oceans and muse of great literature this mystical leviathan represents all that is wondrous and magic in the sea. Larger than a school bus, a great deal of its majesty and other-worldliness is generated by its size.

Flick Ford’s "Sperm Whale" is as epic a creature as the whale itself. The original painting, ten feet in length, has been painstakingly captured and reproduced in all its detail, size and glory. This is indeed an extraordinary work of art for an extraordinary home or office, a work of art nearly 20% the size of an average sperm whale. Only 10 of these 120” Museum Edition Fine Art Canvases will be created.

Is such a special work of art perfect for setting the tone of your vacation home or beachside escape? "Sperm Whale" has also been reproduced as an eight foot and a six foot fine art canvases as well. "Sperm Whale" is a work of art that needs to be experienced firsthand and can be examined in your home risk free through our Try It at Home program.

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