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The Guardian

Simon Combes

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Simon Combes could always be counted on to bring us the most dazzling visions of Africa. With "The Guardian," an unfamiliar sound has drawn this 450 pound male to his full height as he seeks its source. The group may be taking a rest from foraging to relax, groom one another and allow the young to play. But this Silverback, ever mindful of his responsibilities as the family protector, is suddenly concerned.

The rare mountain gorilla is found in small family groups in the high mountains which straddle the joint borders of Rwanda, Zaire and Uganda. This painting depicts one such group comprised of an adult male (Silverback), three females of varying ages and three youngsters. Most often, a gorilla group would be somewhat larger than this. The vegetation is typical of the Virunga Mountains showing bamboo in the background and a tangled mass of undergrowth from which the gorillas collect their favored plants.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a magnificent piece of African wildlife art. Released in an edition of only 25, this 32" x 24" Anniversary Fine Art Canvas will be owned by only a select few. This work of art is as majestic, bold and inspiring as the Silverback itself. Order your canvas of "The Guardian" today because this edition is sure to disappear as quickly as gorillas in the mist.

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