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The Hypnotist

Simon Combes

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Height21.5 inxWidth 17.5 in

Limited Edition of: 1250



"The inspiration for this painting came from a pair of amber-colored eyes staring at me through dry, bleached, sunlit grass. The owner of the eyes was alert but not alarmed, telling me by expression alone that I was fine where I was but to come no nearer.

"The composition evolved outwards from the eyes, the calm but cautious face framed by a huge, shaggy mane. I felt that the addition of the twitching black tip of his tail off to one side would make it more than just another lion portrait. However, it still lacked impact, so I placed him against the dark, shadowy bush to heighten the contrast.

"I introduced the lioness, half hidden in the dark undergrowth behind, in order to add some justification for the expression of mild warning on his face. Finally, to make his presence yet more imposing, I placed him top of a high bank, looking down on mere mortals like me. Wherever I stood, the eyes watched me . . . so I called him 'The Hypnotist.'"

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