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The Watering Hole

Simon Combes

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In this part of Kenya, where the yellow-grassed hills and plains are intersected by many woods and streams, a herd of zebras prefers the greater security of a small spring welling from a rock hillside. Here, the scarcity of cover will lessen the danger of a lion lying in ambush when they come to drink.

Despite this, there is an instinctive tension in the animals whose heads are lowered to drink. This is the critical moment when the zebra's sharp eyesight and keen hearing are unable to operate to full capacity; the moment when a predator knows that they are at their most vulnerable. Only a few animals will drink at one time; in case of attack this makes for a less hampered escape. They favor the rock-strewn source of the spring, not so much for its cleaner water, but more for its firmer footing in case of the need for sudden flight. The remainder of the herd waits patiently, ever alert to danger.

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