Still Life

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Richard Schmid

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Height11.75 inxWidth 8.88 in

Limited Edition of: 850



"Flowers have been done by artist for centuries, I guess. You'd think the last word has been said about flower painting by the Impressionists in the last century but for anyone who actually looks, a flower is always brand new. Flowers are always refreshing. They are something that always evokes life.

"Whenever you paint anything, it belongs to you in a very special way. You know it better than anybody else anywhere. It becomes yours; yet you don't possess it. Now this may sound corny, but it's true. And in terms of how much satisfaction I got out of painting 'Lilies,' I'd say definitely it was a milestone; a ten. I had a wonderful time. The word joy comes to mind. That was the theme, that was the feeling and that was the flower."

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