Still Life

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Carnations and Gold

Richard Schmid

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Height11.75 inxWidth 19.5 in

Limited Edition of: 850



Of this painting, Richard Schmid commented, "What I did was to take a lot of objects that seemed to be somehow related - there's a femineity to the objects. How I put them together is purely subjective. I set it up and the observer sees what he will.

"I raised three girls. They are all grown up now, but when they were small, there were little girl things all over the house. They were the things I would naturally pick up for my still life's because they were so available. I really think a lot of that comes out in my still life's - that I center them around my own children. That might be the real theme behind all this.

"It all creates rich and romantic image a Victorian still life. It's a little world with the doll. Maybe it's her world."

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