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Crossing Paths

Rod Frederick

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Height18 inxWidth 31 in

Limited Edition of: 75



No two animals personify the spirit of the North American wilderness better than the wolf and the bear. While few of us will ever chance upon either in our backwoods excursions, the knowledge that they exist is what truly makes the wilderness wild. In this beautiful diptych, artist Rod Frederick portrays an unexpected meeting of these wilderness icons deep in a Pacific Northwest rain forest. The sudden opportunity for these ranging wolves is an abrupt peril for this sow and her cubs. Do her ferocious motherly instincts present the potential of enough pain and suffering for this pack to move on or has it been too long since their last meal? While each panel of this diptych would stand alone as a work of art unto itself, together they create a story filled with the expanse of the wilderness and the drama of the wild.

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