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Summer Place

Rod Frederick

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Height32 inxWidth 15 in

Limited Edition of: 100



Few people have witnessed what artist Rod Frederick has seen first hand. Through his paintings, he is able to bring the viewer along on his adventures high above the timberline. "Summers are short in the high country," Frederick says of his fine art limited edition, "Summer Place," set in the high Cascades near the artist's home. "This is a great vantage point from which to see the seasons change. With the snow still visible on the mountain in the background, the colors of the wildflowers in the foreground come alive and give the whole piece a bright, cheerful feel. Several butterflies and a dragonfly wing through the air, celebrating the arrival of the new season. The title of the piece itself refers to the destination of the pair of Canada geese, a very migratory species who mate for life and are probably about to nest. You can almost feel the light, relaxing breeze sailing down from the peak."

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