Elk & Moose & Deer

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Rod Frederick

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"I took the title of this image from a Native American saying: 'No one knows the ways of the wind and the caribou.' Caribou are very mysterious animals. They are somewhat unpredictable as to where they are going to be at a particular time, just as the wind is. As the weather pattern changes, so do the caribou!"

Caribou live very far to the north and are found on all northern continents. They are called reindeer in Asia and Northern Europe. It is the same species - just different subspecies. Those picture in this suite are barren ground caribou; they live farthest north of all the caribou subspecies. There are also woodland caribou which were shown in "Woodland Crossing," Sold Out at Publisher.

This is obviously an autumn scene. In the north, autumn is not very long. Summer is short and winter comes early. In this image, you can see a light dusting of snow on the mountains.

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