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Rod Frederick

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Height12.75 inxWidth 3.75 in

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Mountain goats are not goats but rather antelopes that have a thick white coat and slightly curved black horns giving them a goat-like appearance. These keen-eyed, sure-footed animals travel their vertical world unchallenged by predators. Even humans avoid the sheer precipices they inhabit.

Although mountain goats make some seasonal migrations, their movements more often follow weather patterns. Rain, which soaks their heavy coats, will send them to higher altitudes where snow is the main precipitations.

Mountain goats live in an up-and-down world that lends itself to the triptych form. "World of White" has a light, airy feeling, an Oriental quality blended with a North American subject. These mountain goats traverse cliffs and crags that are covered by the winter's first heavy snow. They are moving to an even higher, more precarious promontory where the wind has blown the snow off the mosses, lichens and grasses on which they forage.

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