Elk & Moose & Deer

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Northern Light

Rod Frederick

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The cool timberlands of the north are home to some of the most interesting and elusive creatures in the world. The moose is not only the largest member of the deer family, but its appearance and habits are quite different from any other animal. Its looks are deceptive; its manner often unpredictable. A bull moose may stand over seven feet tall at the shoulders, his big ears and long legs giving an almost awkward impression. But the moose is anything but awkward. The long legs enable him to move easily in deep snow and wade through ponds and streams. The moose is very much at home in the water, often diving completely below the surface to shag the hard to reach plants.

Soon the waters will freeze up. The warm rays of the morning sun are melting the frost from the leaves but signs of winter become more obvious every day . . . winter comes early in the North.

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