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Misty Morning Sentinel

Rod Frederick

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Height26 inxWidth 21.13 in

Limited Edition of: 50



On a quiet, misty morning, deep in the mountains, this red-tailed hawk is ready to pounce at the smallest movement about him.

The red-tailed hawk can be found throughout the entire continent of North America. It is as much at home amid the hardwoods of the east as it is on the prairies or in the desert landscape of the southwest, while above the coniferous forests of the west coast its blunt, circling shape is a familiar site.

The red-tail's physical structure is adapted to prolonged periods of soaring flight, during which it scans the ground for prey. Making use of rising currents of warm air, it employs its wide wing and tail surfaces to sail with minimum effort in slow circles, rising until it is merely a speck in the sky. Even from great heights, it can clearly see any movement of mouse, ground squirrel or snake and with a single whistling dive it descends, braking at ground level to seize its prey.

Hunting from on high is the most dramatic method used by red-tails, but there are others. They sometimes perch and seemingly resting, they are extremely watchful and ever alert.

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