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From Timber's Edge

Rod Frederick

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Height15 inxWidth 27.75 in

Limited Edition of: 850



For centuries the wolf has been much maligned and misunderstood. Only recently have extensive studies changed people's attitudes towards this beautiful creature.

The Gray (or timber) wolf, one of several sub-species of "Canis lupus," is recognized as a highly intelligent animal, with a complex social structure. Most live and travel in packs consisting of several family members and a leader. The leader, generally referred to as the alpha wolf, is usually a large, dominant male who not only leads the pack in hunts and confrontations, but also gets first choice of food and a mate. Having incredible endurance, the wolves are almost constantly on the move.

In this painting, a pack of gray wolves, led by the alpha wolf, emerges from the forest. They pause and wait while their leader, relying on his keen senses of smell and hearing, ventures toward the river to scan the area for movement and stake out their direction. Perhaps the others will also emerge "From Timber's Edge."

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