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Radiant Repose

Daniel Smith

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“A slight breach in the moisture laden cloud cover allows the sun to penetrate with its radiant warmth,” relates Daniel Smith. “The cougar’s damp coat emits an ethereal glow as moisture vaporizes into the silent wilderness. The rocky outcrop creates an excellent vantage point for the resting mountain lion as he surveys his domain. My home borders the Yellowstone ecosystem and has a healthy population of mountain lions. It is a rare thrill to experience these elusive predators in the wild.”

There is a return to things that radiate the greatness of our national heritage. One of our most renowned treasures is the American wilderness. "Radiant Repose" captures the essence of the untamed beauty that that makes the wilderness wild. The painting was created for the 2009 Couer D’Alene Auction. Dan Smith is one of the few artists invited to present new works to the high-end collectors that attend, a testament to the stature of this American wildlife artist.

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