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Phantom Thunder

William S. Phillips

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In the grand tradition of his "Thunder in the Canyon," "Into the Throne Room of God" and "Those Last Critical Moments" (all Sold Out at Publisher), William S. Phillips returns to the skies in "Phantom Thunder." From the thrill of lift-off to the extraordinary exhilaration of in-flight action, Bill is truly a master of the aviation art world. The artist presents us with an awe-inspiring panorama that pays tribute to a pair of American heroes.

“Flying through storm-tossed skies, Phantoms of VF-96, the Flying Falcons, return from a strike over North Vietnam,” Bill said. “Aircraft #5800, ShowTime 100, was the ‘CAG bird’ flown by LT. Randy Cunningham and LT(JG) Willie Driscoll when, on May 10th, 1972, they downed three MiG-17s, added to their previous two, they became America’s first Vietnam aces.”

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