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McNeil River Fishermen

Mort Solberg

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There may be no other place in the world where one could expect to see so many bears in one place, at one time. Drawn by an abundance of spawning salmon, the bears congregate on the McNeil River every year from early July until mid-August.

The McNeil River is located some 200 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. It drains into Kamishak Bay in the shadow of an active volcano; it is a roadless area that has remained undisturbed by human development. About a mile upstream from the river's mouth, rocks and boulders form an obstacle to upstream migration. These natural formations provide the best fishing for bears, and it is here that they congregate.

These impressive mammals, who ordinarily live solitary lives, can be seen in large numbers, fishing for salmon. The fish are so plentiful that even the young and inept hunters among them manage to catch their fill.

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