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Sea Otters

Mort Solberg

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The California sea otter is the smallest marine mammal, and it is making a tenuous comeback from near extinction with the help of volunteer groups like "Friends of the Sea Otter," headquartered in Carmel. As with all wildlife, the California sea otter needs man's help to survive.

The California sea otter spends virtually its entire life in the water - eating, sleeping, playing, and giving birth to its young. There are only an estimated 1500 of them - and they are found only in a 200-mile stretch of the central California coast. The otter is entertaining to all who have the opportunity to watch. Hours are spent rolling in the kelp, feeding, cleaning, and grooming their pups and themselves.

The otters feed by breaking open shells with rocks that they place on their chests. Crabs, sea urchins, shellfish, and crustaceans make up a good portion of their diet.

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