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Birds of Fresh Water Marshes

Mort Solberg

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Trumpter Swan
Close to extinction in the 1930s, the trumpter swan now numbers over three thousand individuals as a result of conservation efforts. Seen at times as far south as New Orleans, it is a very shy bird for its size and needs wilderness in order to survive.

Everglades Kite
Found only in Florida and primarily in the Everglades, this unique bird feeds exclusively on the apple snail. It is interesting to watch it transfer the snail from beak to claw and back again while in flight. The bird is endangered because of the slow elimination of its only food source and today, they number about 400.

Great Egret
The egret is one of the most beautiful of the herons when it is in its breeding plumage. It is a solitary feeder, consuming fish, frogs, crayfish and snakes in the shallow water of the marshes.

Great Blue Heron
A majestic bird in flight or on the ground, the "great blue" exists from Alaska to Florida. Its nest, consisting of a platform of twigs with finer material as a liner, is usually built in trees but may also be found in reed beds or upon the ground.

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