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Father Christmas: The Sleigh Ride

Dean Morrissey

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More exciting than a nip of frost in the air, more highly anticipated than the first snow, is the arrival of Dean Morrissey’s latest creation in his Father Christmas series featuring none other than the worldly traveler with a merry twinkle in his eye. It’s Christmas Eve and the reindeer are in harness, the sleigh is filled to bursting with gifts. Circumnavigating the earth is a rare enough feat but doing so in the course of one blustery winter night, while making countless deliveries all the way around, is nothing short of remarkable. With his book of names and his sextant tucked nearby for ready reference and celestial navigation, Santa slaps the reins and his enchanted journey begins. “I wanted to give a little of my sense of the character and the kind of wonder that surrounds him,” says Morrissey, “both for kids and for grown-ups. Father Christmas is like Frosted Flakes® — a lot of adults don’t admit that they still love ’em.” This lavish portrait of Father Christmas in action is sure to be a magical holiday gift for believers of all ages.

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