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The Monster Launcher

Dean Morrissey

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Height11.63 inxWidth 35 in

Limited Edition of: 250



Artist Dean Morrissey explores the power of imagination as it weaves in and out of our lives. As Morrissey conceives this story, Paddy becomes convinced (after listening to Monster Radio Theater) that monsters are living in Gramps' house. Gramps sets to work on the Monster Launcher, a masterpiece of imagination, ingenuity and spare parts.

"The Monster Launcher" is supposed to send a monster to the back side of the moon (the home of all monsters according to Paddy). He and Gramps load the machine with sure-fire monster bait (fruit cake and limburger cheese) and, to Gramps’ surprise, real monsters show up and climb aboard. They get launched, but only into the neighbor’s yard where they are eventually befriended by Paddy and Gramps. Once we’ve faced monsters and taken their measure, we often find that they are not nearly as frightening as we imagine.

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