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Michael the Archangel Battles the Dragon While Almost Nobody Pays Any Attention

James C. Christensen

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The confrontations between the Archangel Michael and the Dragon (Satan, in one of his many forms) are epic conflicts between good and evil where the fate of Heaven and Earth hang in the balance. Yet most of those affected by the final outcome are blithely unaware.

"This piece," says artist Jim Christensen, "talks about the power you have to be good and righteous in taking on the evil in this world. The title says 'almost nobody pays attention . . .,' but you see Michael and the Dragon. What are you going to do? These skirmishes happen daily, not a world away, but in our own cities, towns and neighborhoods. They can be as blatantly obvious as they are innocuous. Being aware has little to do with one's social or economic status: it is the degree you perceive that the world isn't on course and what action you are willing to take to rectify it."

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