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Medicine Crow

Judy Larson

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"While reading the works of the early 20th century photo-historian Edward S. Curtis, I came across a description of a Mountain Crow warrior named Medicine Crow. In many ways, Medicine Crow was typical of the Native Americans of his day — steadfast and loyal to his people, a contributor to his tribe. His ‘medicine’ (an object thought to give control over natural or magical forces) was a hawk, which he wore as part of his headdress. In battle, it was more important for him to touch his enemy — count coup — than to kill him. Medicine Crow fought for the white man twice, against the Nez Perce in Chief Joseph’s retreat and the Sioux under Sitting Bull when they were seeking sanctuary in Canada. I feel it’s important for us to remember and to acknowledge Native Americans like Medicine Crow and to learn about the kind of people upon whom our nation is founded."

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