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Rocky Lookout

Bonnie Marris

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Artist's Proof

Height18 inxWidth 24 in

Limited Edition of: 10



Wolves work tremendously hard to patrol, defend and hunt even a small territory. Wolves are commonly on the move for eight hours a day and may travel 4,000 miles a year. Because they may eat only once every 5 to 10 days, they also take the concept of rest very seriously. A rocky out-cropping such as this provides this pair with the opportunity to both conserve energy and survey a portion of their territory at the same time.

As noted by "SouthWest Art" magazine, “To say that Marris knows animals is an understatement. She lives them, breathes them, and—more than anything else —she loves them.” That love resonates throughout her art. It is that quality that keeps collectors coming back, again and again.

"Rocky Lookout" may capture a moment of rest in the wild, but is a complex mix of color and shadow, detail and impressionism that is her signature painting style. Bonnie Marris’ stock in the art marketplace continues to rise. If you are looking for something a little wild, this Fine Art Giclèe Canvas in an edition of only 50, is the perfect piece for you.

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