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The Terrible Twos

Bonnie Marris

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Height10 inxWidth 13 in

Limited Edition of: 225



“I did all the right things! I picked a fabulous stallion with a great disposition to be her sire and I read all the books. In May, we delivered a beautiful little filly. I worked with her every day, teaching her leading, bathing, grooming, tying and not to kick or nip. She was the perfect foal . . . . Then, one morning, I woke up to the 'terrible twos.' Suddenly she argued! She threw tantrums! She bucked, she ran, she whinnied for me to leave, then not to leave. She threw her brushes, dumped her grain, splashed water on me, stomped her feet and shook her head. Was it my fault? Not enough teaching? Too much?

“She’s three now. Whew . . . she’s perfect again!”

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