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Bonnie Marris

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Height24.5 inxWidth 18 in

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Widely distributied across Eurasia, North Africa, South China and North America, red foxes make their living hunting birds, insects and small animals, mainly weasels and mice. Red fox pairs mate for life, although they usually only live together during the winter months. During the fall, a young female fox practices in earnest all her mother's hunting lessons. By December, she had two suitors, one of whom she vehemently chased away. The other enticed with playful games, yips, nips and high-pitched whines. Observing this fellow was not easy. Usually, he was just a flash of red amid brown field grasses or an orange flutter on a distant hill as he pounced on or dug for mice. But after the young female had chosen him, they stayed together for many winter romps.

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