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Little Old Mission by the Sea, Circa 1940

June Carey

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Height14 inxWidth 28 in

Limited Edition of: 15

Limited Edition Canvas


Founded by the Spanish in 1771, the San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission is the crown jewel of Carmel-by-the-Sea and one of June Carey’s favorite subjects to paint.

“I have, over the years, amassed a wonderful collection of reference on the mission from my many trips and research,” says June. “Today, the buildings and their gardens are beautiful, but when you look at photos taken 70 years ago, there was even more magic. The facades weren’t as restored as they are today, so the basilica and out buildings have a bit more of that character you’d expect from structures as old as these. You also had the chance to see more of the buildings then than you can today, especially from some of the most pleasing angles. I am tempted at times, when I visit, to make the request of cutting back some of that lush growth to reveal more of the Mission, but I have a good idea of what the response would be to that!”

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