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New Shoes

Loren Entz

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Height18.75 inxWidth 28 in

Limited Edition of: 50



The gentleman outside the blacksmith's shop, a father, has brought his young Percheron draft horse to be shod. His young son has tagged along with his own wagon. The blacksmith, noticing that the boy's shoe was untied, shows kindness by retying it. In the corner, the old-timer spends part of the day next to the potbelly stove, reading the paper. Even the poster behind him echoes the painting's theme. Whether it was the tying of the shoe or the raising of the barn, acts of kindness were never questioned in those days. They were performed without question and appreciated. Sure, the composition and design of the images are important, but it was more important to convey that people should still show genuine concern for their fellow man.

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