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Real Trouble

Keith Ferris

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Height15.5 inxWidth 25 in

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In the cruel combat over Germany throughout 1944, both sides experienced devastating effectiveness of their opponent's weapons. Massed formations of heavily armed and armored "Sturmgruppen" were hurled at unfortunate American bomber groups found by ground level radar to be unescorted at the moment by American fighters.

The German formation often passed one American unit, just beyond the lethal 3,500-foot range of its defensive .50 caliber machine gun fire, while positioning themselves to attack the American unit ahead. Armed with bomber-destroying 20mm and 30mm cannon, Lt. Klaus Bretschneider (Staffelkapitan, 5 Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 300) leads his wingman and the right side of his formation past an American unit and into position behind their targeted quarry up ahead. Both sides recognized "Real Trouble" when they saw it!

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