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The Circus Outbound

Keith Ferris

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"The Circus Outbound" conveys the power of eighteen B-24Ds of the American pioneer 93rd Bomb Group as they climb through 21,000 feet into the light of the early morning sun. On this important day of World War II (March 18, 1943), the B-24Ds, joined by B-17s and other bombers, crossed the East Coast of England en route to their target, the submarine base at Vegesack, Germany. This first mission to Germany for the 93rd Bomb Group proved that daylight bombings could be carried out successfully in the face of German defenses.

The B-24 was by far the most difficult American heavy bomber to fly. However, the 93rd Bomb Group excelled at their skills and tactics under the leadership of their commander, Colonel Edward Timberlake. Because the 93rd had been "tasked" to fight over France, North Africa and Italy, they earned the nickname "Ted's Traveling Circus."

"The Circus Outbound" pays tribute to all the brave men who went to war in the B-24. And by showing the vastness of the world we live in, this also honors the power of the earth. Even man's mightiest acts of warfare cannot diminish the world's capacity to endure.

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