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Counter Culture

Ken Auster

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Although renowned as a “plein air” painter, Ken Auster’s “culinary arts” paintings prove just how exciting documenting the ordinary in an extraordinary manner can be.“Color makes or breaks a painting,” says Ken. His stew of rich, broad strokes and vibrant colors, workaday life of restaurants with impressionist-inspired murals, and chefs at work in kitchens, gives us a savory taste of his fine art.

With the passionate intensity and dexterity of a master chef, Auster creates a delicious recipe all his own. It’s no wonder his spontaneous and dynamic brushwork has attracted the attention of collectors. Gallery owners are talking about the “overnight success” of Ken Auster, but the reality is those instincts and talent have been honed through years of study and practice. Knowledgeable collectors have been buying his originals for years. Here is the opportunity for the rest of us to catch up.

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