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Ken Auster

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"While having a shot of Tequila at one of my favorite Laguna restaurants," says Ken Auster, "the bartender, Dan the man, was behind the bar, shufflin' and a shakin' and preparing a Cadillac Margarita - shaken not stirred - for one of my buddies at the end of the bar."

Sophisticated and sexy, popular yet traditional, the martini has been shaking things up since the late 19th century. Served in its own elegant glass, this cocktail has long been associated with important events and society. James Bond, whose character popularized the drink for a generation of Americans, was reckless with his women, rough on enemy agents, but extremely precise about his martini. It had to be "shaken, not stirred." How many times have you wanted to walk up to a bartender and say these legendary words?

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