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On The Edge

Scott Kennedy

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Height20.75 inxWidth 12.25 in

Limited Edition of: 4000



"In August 1969, my wife and I joined an Outward-Bound expedition. For five days we tested ourselves against the rapids of the Green River. As the trip progressed, I noticed that we were being watched. Our silent observers: big horn sheep, solidly implanted on the sides of sheer cliffs that soared 3,000 feet above the water. This triggered an idea and 'On the Edge' was the result.

"This is our raft shooting the rapids at the imposing Gates of Ladore, located within the boundary of Dinosaur National Monument. The name of the painting sums up this river experience . . . the big horn sheep, the rafters and the entire idea behind Outward Bound . . . leadership, friendship, trust and pushing yourself to the edge."

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