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Our Favorite Spot

John Weiss

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Height16 inxWidth 20 in

Limited Edition of: 75



There is something about running water that helps restore balance in a chaotic, urbanized life. Escaping to the river provides relaxation, the enjoyment of the surroundings of the natural world and maybe even the unraveling of some of the mysteries of life. With fishing it is the quality of the experience that counts.

A fly-fisherman contemplates a stream like a diamond cutter inspecting a stone. It’s not just a focus on the fish, but how the water flows over the stream bed, what’s hatched and how to place your cast. Once all the peripherals are understood, the gem embedded in the raw stone is revealed.

John Weiss’ "Our Favorite Spot" Fine Art Canvas captures the essence of fly-fishing that any angler knows is true – that being at a river’s edge is paradise.

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