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A Big Fish Story

John Weiss

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Height16 inxWidth 34 in

Limited Edition of: 100

Limited Edition Canvas


"A recurring theme in my paintings," says artist John Weiss, "is that strength, comfort and encouragement are always within reach." Nowhere is this more evident than in this painting, "A Big Fish Story." Although the woods are dark and the night is cold, the figures in "A Big Fish Story" are bathed in light and warmth. Seated before a blazing fire, a fisherman recounts tales of his fishing prowess to an awed boy and his captivated beagle.

The heat of the fire and the excitement of his grandfather's adventure have brought a flush to the boy's cheeks as he watches the legendary fish grow in size. Their companionship and love create a warmth that floods beyond the walls of the shelter, casting a golden glow on the snowy ground and surrounding woods. The light at the heart of "A Big Fish Story" draws the viewer in and we find ourselves leaning closer to hear just how big that fish really was.

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