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Maggie: Portrait of a Friend

John Weiss

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Height14.25 inxWidth 14 in

Limited Edition of: 550



"From the first time we saw you, the only yellow in the litter of Black Lab puppies, you captured our hearts. With your boundless energy, we were sure you would slow down someday and someday you may.

"You loved to show off with your grand water entries as you went to retrieve at Indigo Lake. Of course we were proud. You brought so much joy to mommy and me. Then there were the dark days. You were still there, always there. You shared my tears, listened to my sorrow and comforted me by the campfire.

"Now in your old age, your 'run' is really a fast walk that I guess isn't really that fast. Now it is time for me to tend to your needs, but in truth, you are still taking care of me. It is so good to grow old with you. God, thank you for Maggie."

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