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Vineyard Lane

June Carey

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Height12 inxWidth 16 in

Limited Edition of: 45



A hill country may be inconvenient for farm equipment, but it’s fantastic for growing grapes. The pace of land’s terrain—its tucks and folds and flats—affects every important vineyard variable, from sun exposure to frost danger. The direction of a hill’s slope can tilt rows of vines toward the sun, typically with the vines facing the rising sun in cool regions and the setting sun in warmer zones. Water drainage and airflow are benefits of rolling hills as well. All of this makes for great viticulture, which is well and good enough, but is certainly helps in making a pretty painting, too.

Miniature art is an important part of any collection and a SmallWork™ is a simple way to either start or add to your collection. Such works are often a collector’s first purchase for the obvious reason, they are less expensive. As single works of art, they can be that final elegant touch in fine décor. At the other end of the spectrum, a wall of miniatures makes for an impressive display of a collector’s unique range of style and interest.

Each SmallWork is created with the same precision as all Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions, signed by the artist and numbered as a collectible limited edition.

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