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Early Spring at Stony Creek

June Carey

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Height18 inxWidth 24 in

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There´s life in everything during spring. It´s something you take in before you focus on it or truly see it. Trees, still seemingly barren of leaves, take on a pinkish cast as a million tiny buds swell towards bloom. Rivers and streams run full with the spring melt and yellow grass gives way to brilliant green. The light itself seems cast with a warmer glow, even while the nights may still hold the winter´s chill.

June Carey´s "Early Spring at Stony Creek" embraces that golden moment when we become aware that the change of season is upon us. Life is renewing. This is one of those rare images that causes the smells, sounds and feelings of a time and place to come flooding forth. The whole scene is so familiar and feels so close to home we are certain we have been here.

Like "Above Slide Ranch" or "Fall Vineyard," this Fine Art Giclee captures the essence of a single location so precisely that its allure is universal. Let some of the light of spring warm your walls all the year through.

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