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Studies of...Wine Country California

June Carey

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Height5.25 inxWidth 15 in

Limited Edition of: 150



Part of the magic and fun of working with the Greenwich Workshop family of artists is having the opportunity to see so much of the creative process. We also have that rare pleasure of poking around an artist’s studio. It was on one of these “treasure hunts” that we encountered a good number of June Carey’s concept studies. These studies represent the initial moments of artistic inspiration, the birth of a painting.

“Any artist will tell you", said June, “that the most exciting and dynamic part of creating any work of art is when this gleam in the eye or fleeting notion transforms into line, color, and form.” We were smitten by the fresh charm and immediacy of these oil studies. What was so apparent in her studio was how their presence complemented these larger works.

It is this experience that we have created with "Studies of . . . Wine Country," a suite of Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée Prints. Created on heavyweight fine art artist’s paper, they are a distinctive enhancement to her Fine Art Limited Edition Canvas and Prints or an affordable entree into collecting the limited edition art of June Carey.

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