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James C. Christensen

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“Angels are wonderful beings of power and light who defy the laws of nature, death and gravity,” says James Christensen. “I prefer to often paint angels as beautiful winged women. The feminine side of human nature communicates angelic qualities – peace, encouragement, support and unconditional love. The inclination or tendency to help or do good for others we get from our mothers. “Christmas, beneath all its wrapping, is a yearly reminder that through learning to be better people we attain a manner of godliness. It’s important that as people we do our best with the gifts we are given: with our bodies, our minds and our hearts. Grace’s heavenly message is that kindness and goodwill are gifts of the spirit that keep us on the proper path. This is a thank you painting for the angels in my life and for the feeling that I am not alone. We all have angels watching over us and maybe a couple of fish for good measure. A little magic can't hurt.”

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